Native American Style Flute

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Dale Wambaugh
( dwambaugh - M)

Pacific Northwest
Music on the trail on 07/30/2007 22:05:40 MDT Print

My all time favorite is a Native American flute. I found one made in plastic by Hal Kacanek that has a wonderful tone and is easy to play--- and it's only $20.

The flute fits so wonderfully with a breeze and the flutter of leaves, the swaying of evergreens overhead, and the babble of a stream nearby.....

Model: NF201C

Package Contents

  • Six hole flute with adjustable snap-on tone clip made from high impact plastic
  • Resource guide, including origins and myths of the Native American flute
  • Twenty-four page instruction manual with 6 Native American and 6 American folk songs, transcribed in easy-to-read tablature
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Adjustable snap-on tone clip

© 2000 by Hal Kacanek

A Great Sounding Flute

Fun and Easy to Play
Designed by the music professionals at Sounds We Make(tm) LLC, this Native American style flute features 6 comfortably positioned holes. Each flute is individually voiced to produce excellent tone with precise intonation. The flute is ready to play right out of the box. Its simple, but elegant, design allows you to very quickly create beautiful sounds and overtones in either the pentatonic modes of C major (Mode 1) or relative A minor (Mode 5).

Simply cover hole 3 and the remaining 5 holes provide pentatonic modes 1 and 5. By using the pentatonic scale, most people can start playing simple songs, in minutes. But, this great little instrument is also capable of playing a full chromatic octave in C major, so the musical possibilities are quite extensive.

Developed by Dr. Hal Kacanek, an innovator in music education and instrument design, this Native American flute is the perfect instrument for the musical beginner, but is also a great tool for the serious professional. The Native American flute is also a great companion for playing duets or improvising with guitar, piano or any instrument. Explore the beautiful sounds you can make with this versatile and easy-to-play instrument.

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