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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

William Butler Yeats

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Saturday, April 31, 2010



Does your scout troop or pack need a workshop?

 Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Portage Dailey Register article and video highlights of

Dr. Kacanek's closing keynote

“Tots that toot…and other sound ideas about sounds we make”

for the Eighth Annual “Think Big Start Small” Columbia County Early Childhood Conference.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Dr. Hal Kacanek perform on didjeridoo

with the Concord Chamber Orchestra

The United States premier performance of

Concerto for Didgeridoo and Orchestra by Sean O'Boyle

8:00 pm at The Basilica of St. Josaphat - Milwaukee

Dr. Hal Kacanek presents

Assemblies, Workshops, Artist in Residence, Teacher In-service where



"Dr. Hal Kacanek brought sound alive for a fascinated roomful of students."

Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education

MAGE Journal Sept. 2001




Exploring the Global Soundscape works with audiences because

              • It's about SCIENCE. 

              • It's about THE ARTS. 

              • It's about INVENTION & CREATIVITY. 

              • It's about SOUND & LISTENING.

              • It's all about LEARNING

Thank you, thank you, Dr Hal, for the wonderful program you presented for our homeschool group. It was great how you were able to touch every age of person in the room, from the youngest participant at 7 years old all the way through to the parents watching. The information presented was explained so well and we especially loved how you tied it together with the science and ideas of sound and how they relate to different cultures. We all came away with a plethora of information with which to enrich our home educational experiences! We look forward to hiring you next school year for another class!   Sincerely,   Linda Tennies, home educator, representing Waukesha Area and Kettle Moraine Home Educator groups  May 9, 2008

Tom Strini THIRD COAST DIGEST interviews Dr. Hal

December 18, 2009


"Lake Effect" interviews Dr. Hal on Milwaukee Public Radio

WUWM Producer Mitch Teich ("Lake Effect") interviews Dr. Hal. Milwaukee Public Radio August 31, 2007.

CBC Radio with Colin Gewar

Recorded live in Regina, SK, Canada on May 8, 2007 by CBC Radio host Colin Gewar. Dr. Hal gave the opening plenary session and two instrument making workshops for CROSSING BOUNDARIES; Exploring the nexus of the arts, education and community,

a conference consisting of arts educators held at the University of Regina.

Dr. Hal in PTO TODAY - April 2007

Dr. Hal is the Didjeri-Dude. His assemblies, keynotes, artist in residence and inservice workshops feature performances on world and homemade instruments. His programs and products focus on diversity, creativity, personal expression and the art, science, geography, math and language of sound.

Dr. Hal arrives at your site with a van full of strange musical instruments. When he leaves, everyone knows a "vanful" more about:

  • the art and science of sound - If you still have a sound unit it will be covered!
  • using traditional world and invented sound instruments to learn about a diversity of cultures from Native North and South Americans to Aboriginal Australians.
  • how to create and build expressive musical instruments that bring people together
  • how listening carefully and making sounds responsibly help us to understand each other, ourselves, the world and (of course)
  • what to do with a DIDJERIDOO. Every child gets a didj to decorate & play.

His programs are never scripted. Each one is catered especially for your audience, yet content is always aimed appropriately to age and grade level. Customers include schools, colleges, elder hostels, special needs (including gifted and talented), senior homes, museums, libraries, camps, service clubs, cub scouts blue and gold, girl scouts, birthday parties or any other organization that enjoys having fun learning and doing and might benefit by spending an hour or several days outside the box.

It's likely that you will have built at least one or two instruments before the end of one of Dr. Hal's programs and although you may not learn to "circular breath" you will be well on the road to becoming an awesome didjeridoo player.  Dr. Hal will provide the materials for adults and children to make and play and he does workshops that teach them how to make and play them.

His Native American Flutes get a great sound. They're inexpensive, they're sturdy and they're are very close to being in tune.  Quantity pricing is available for educators. This is a gift your musical friends will enjoy. 

If you or your musical friends are artsy crafty, check out the Native American Flute Decorator Kit.

Are you interested in building a flute from scratch? Dr. Hal provides you with instructions and a template. You simply tape the template directly onto the pipe and drill the holes yourself.  You need an electric hand drill, about 17" of 3/4" pvc pipe, a file, a vice, and two drill bits. We provide you with Dr. Hal's innovative plastic clip on saddle and plastic plug...you do the rest. If you don't like pvc, we will provide you with one of Dr. Hal's "people friendly" (FDA approved) cedar colored abs tubes.

The guy in the upper left corner blowing into the big stick is Dr. Hal. He is proficient at ciruclar breathing (it's a breeze), playing and teaching about this instrument .

Click here or on the didjeridoo (pronounced D-JURY-DO) to take a whirlwind tour of the global soundscape.


Producer Mitch Teich ("Lake Effect") interviews Dr. Hal. Milwaukee Public Radio broadcast August 31, 2007

Click here and scroll down to "Household Music " Right click twice on the arrow next to the speaker icon.


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